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Pay-Per-Click Campains Approach


Firstly, let’s know each other

We discuss about what you want to accomplish, what you strategic objectives are, where you see your business in the long term and from there we can establish what is the main goal of our future collaboration.


We audit the website and its advertising accounts

We analyze your online presence from all points of view, we identify your competitors, analyze your strengths and weaknesses in order to highlight the first ones and minimize the latter ones.


Then, we develop and plan your digital marketing strategy

From this point, we start moving forward to strategical and tactical planning. We find the right advertising channels for your business, we create the best fitted campaign types, we choose only texts that can bring the best outcome, we set up optimum budgets etc. At this stage, we also establish the KPIs we will track.


We prepare materials, accounts and set up the campaigns

Once the strategy is established, we create the graphic materials, make the necessary technical changes to your accounts (Google Analytics, website etc.) and then set up customized campaigns for your business.


We set up goals and conversions

We implement ways to measure results (which can be orders, calls, leads, views etc.). No matter what we measure, we never forget about your ROI.


We constantly monitor, optimize and update your campaigns

We allocate time for your campaigns every day! We track the results and make adjustments; we adapt everything according to the seasonality, the competition or the goals we have set.