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We have been working with Creadiv since early 2014 on a variety of projects; from maintaining, updating & developing our website to helping us improve our SEO and analytics strategies, Creadiv have provided an exemplary service to us and have exceeded our expectations on numerous occasions. They have a dynamic team who are primed to work to short deadlines and consistently deliver on time and to budget!


A team with a kno-how well done ! They work with passion, using clear and well-defined procedures , and most importantly, the provide results!

Gabriel Pribeagu, Reflex Architecture, Certificatulmeu.ro

In a collaboration with CREADIV, there are two things money can’t buy elsewhere: dedication and pro-activity. I’ve never had the feeling that I have worked with a simple supplier, but rather with a partner who, besides competence, has the availability to deliver quality; and that’s something precious.

Deniz Coaca, Friends Advertising

Together with CREADIV we developed two complex projects: one in terms of tech features and another in terms of graphics. In both situations, they performed extremely well, contributing with solutions and suggestions that added value to the projects beyond my expectations. They quickly and accurately understand the priorities of a project and stick to them until completion.

Tic Nica, Marketing Halle

I strongly recommend them!

Iordan Ionescu, Impact Advertising, Conectica.ro

CREADIV means: professionalism, pro-active attitude, quick reactions, results and quality. With such a partner, you can only be a winner.

Alida Coman, MediHelp International

The CREADIVs are always flexible to our requests! Sometimes, they apply implementations outside the working hours, so the downtime won't affect our sales.

Catalin Mocanu, GeveCom

CREADIV acts like a real partner! Their responsiveness to our requirements and availability to communicate make us come back each time with new projects.

Gabriel Aftenie, Babylon Consult

CREADIV: a young, talented, creative and very prompt team, whom I thank for developing two websites to my taste: Joellemagazine.ro and joellefashion.ro. I thank them for the passion, dedication and openness, as well as for the development of my online business. You rock!

Anca Tanase, Joelle Magazine

I made the best decision when I chose my long term-partners. They are professionals, they understand the needs of the clients even when they don’t know how to express it in words, like my case. I find myself lucky to work with them.

Rocsana Ion, Agrotech JDR

CREADIV is a team of professionals that quickly react to our demands! Thanks to them, our website benefits of the best technical assistance. We are really happy to work with them.

Razvan Grigore, Crissbebe

I highly appreciate CREADIV team and our collaboration; I like the fact that they’re young, committed to their work, a team of professionals constantly improving the working process and communication with their clients.

Mihaela Popa, Miracons

I am very pleased with CREADIV’s interest in my business and I see them as my long term partners.

Andrei Stanculescu, IQMAG

Working with CREADIV is like working with SEO gurus! My site has been ranking on the first position on Google Search for more than 3 years and I hope it will remain there in the future.

Răzvan Popescu, Enermed Impex, avizez.ro